Zimmer Kindergarten 9/27/2020

Although the educational focus in kindergarten is on how everything is connected, that doesn’t mean specific skills aren’t being targeted. Here are some of the projects, lessons, and activities that the students have completed in the first three weeks! The … Continue reading

Zimmer Kindergarten, 9/18/2020

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It’s a new year at Zimmer School, and the kindergarten Pods are busy, happy, and engaged in learning. I wanted to start off this BLOG by giving you an overview of what each day is like. Check-in: The days start … Continue reading

We love Slugs!!

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                    We went Slugging! As soon as the weather got nice we ventured out to find signs of spring.  We found the sun shining, buds growing on trees, birds singing, a few … Continue reading

Author Unit

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Our Author Unit has really taken off and children are very excited to work on their books.  We began the unit by discussing some of our favorite authors.  After reading many of our favorite author’s’ books, it was clear that … Continue reading

Winter – Water Experiments – Weaving

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The concept of Symmetry seems to really resonate with the kindergarten class ever since we learned about it.  They look for Symmetry in objects in our class as well as outside in nature.  We try our best to draw symmetrical pictures and … Continue reading


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During our Thanksgiving Unit we focused a lot about how much America has changed since the first Pilgrims came.  We spoke about how hard the first year in America was for them. We learned about how much the Native Americans helped … Continue reading


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Our Math Workshops are really fun and interactive and children seem to enjoy and look forward to them.  We have been working on sorting many objects by different attributes.  Children examined objects for similarities and differences to determine possible ways … Continue reading

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Literacy skills are really taking off in our K class.  Children have been working on writing and illustrating their very own “I Like to…” books and can’t wait to read them to the Pre-K class.  We’ve also learned several sight-words … Continue reading

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All About Me The Kindergarten class has been working on an, “All About Me” Unit.  We spoke about things that make us special and unique.  We shared some of our personal likes, dislikes, fears, strengths, struggles and things that make … Continue reading

Welcome to The Wonderful World of Kindergarten

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Our Kindergarten class has been buzzing with excitement for the past two weeks.  The children have been busy exploring their new classroom and getting familiar with new routines.  The centers are full of fun and interesting games/activities providing many opportunities … Continue reading