Exploring Our Solar System

It was time for an adventure in Zimmer kindergarten, time to find out as much as we could about our solar system. First, the children used an app on the iPad called Solar Walk. The app provides a breathtaking model … Continue reading

Literacy: Developing a Lifelong Love of Reading

Expectations of how and how much children can learn to read in kindergarten have changed, as have the methods we use to help them develop the skills they need to be able to read. At Zimmer, we recognize that a … Continue reading

S. T. E. A. M.

Students are engaged when their learning is focused on solving meaningful problems that demand consideration of diverse perspectives, challenge their skill levels, and encourage innovation and invention! STEAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the … Continue reading

Empowering Children Through SEL, Collaboration and Team building!

We know through research that Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs have very strong outcomes in a number of different areas. SEL programs focus on helping children to develop five important skills. Self-Awareness helps children to think about their emotions and emotional … Continue reading

Independent Thinking, Independent Learning

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Our project/purposeful play time is one of the most important parts of every day. Whether the students are motivated by teacher provocation (like a magnet tray for experimentation and observation, or a whiteboard that says “Snow, snow, snow”) or by … Continue reading

Celebrating Chanukah!

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Chanukah is a festive holiday, and we wanted to really bring that festivity into the classroom during early December. We read a variety of books about Chanukah! Some were very serious, describing the history of what happened so long ago … Continue reading

Autumn Outdoor Adventures

The kindergarten students have been spending lots of exploration time outside. Using the playground as an outdoor classroom has helped us to experience the seasons changing firsthand. We watched as Fall turned the leaves different colors, and then as they … Continue reading

When children are involved in determining the direction of their learning, they are internally motivated to succeed.

One of the best ways to celebrate the fall season is to adopt a pumpkin. With that in mind, last week, I brought a big pumpkin into the classroom and just left it where the students could see it. They … Continue reading

Zimmer Kindergarten 9/27/2020

Although the educational focus in kindergarten is on how everything is connected, that doesn’t mean specific skills aren’t being targeted. Here are some of the projects, lessons, and activities that the students have completed in the first three weeks! The … Continue reading

Zimmer Kindergarten, 9/18/2020

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It’s a new year at Zimmer School, and the kindergarten Pods are busy, happy, and engaged in learning. I wanted to start off this BLOG by giving you an overview of what each day is like. Check-in: The days start … Continue reading